Tone on tone coloring or layering is a decorating technique that takes a single or a few colors and uses different saturation levels of that color or colors throughout the entire space. You begin working with one general color area and manipulate this color through the use of fabrics, tints, shades and textures to create interest and variety. The effect can be dramatically transformed by lightening or darkening of that color.

Whether you’re saturating your home with rich hues or you’re adding layers of color to a neutral backdrop, at Carole Lee Interiors we celebrate tone on tone decorating. From fresh flowers that mirror the shade of the wall to throw pillows in the same color family as a nearby rug, the repetition of hues makes a big impact in your interior. Here are some ways we use tone on tone to decorate your space:

  • Layer your wall coloring
  • Pull inspiration from art
  • Mix and match patterns
  • Bring color into doors and windows
  • Match window treatments to walls
  • Pair tone on tone colors with black and white
  • Use tone on tone flooring
  • Incorporate a range of shades of the same color
  • Layer color through tabletop décor
  • Go extra bold with one vibrant item
  • Saturate with rich hues

These are just a few methods we use when decorating interiors using a tone on tone technique. Tone on tone interiors can be tricky to pull off if you do not have a lot of expertise working with color, hues and textures. If you are not a pro it is easy to make trial and error mistakes, which can begin to add costs to your project. Instead contact Carole Lee to schedule a consultation to see if tone on tone is a good idea for your space.