Elevating your home for the holidays involves a thoughtful blend of festive elements combined with your unique style.  Working with a professional interior designer can help the process move forward without the risk of mistakes, while saving you both time and money, two things we all need more of during the holiday season. Below are a few tips from the pros at Carole Lee Interiors.

Start by selecting a color palette that complements your existing decor while infusing seasonal warmth. Integrate traditional reds and greens, icy blues and silvers, or neutral tones with metallic accents for a contemporary touch.

Lighting is always key in creating a festive ambiance. Use twinkling lights across mantels, staircases, and around windows. LED candles provide a safe alternative, emitting a cozy glow throughout your space. To evoke the essence of the season, introduce natural elements such as pinecones, holly, and evergreen branches into your arrangements.  Wreaths and garlands made from these materials offer a timeless charm.

Curate a visually appealing tree by combining cherished family ornaments with new, additions. Personal touches can make your holiday decor special, so don’t shy away from showcasing sentimental pieces. Enhance comfort with festive throw pillows and blankets, inviting loved ones to relax and enjoy the holiday spirit.

Extend the festive atmosphere outdoors by adorning your entrance with well-placed lights, a welcoming doormat, and a festive wreath. By blending tradition, personaltouches, and contemporary elements, your holiday decor becomes a reflection of your unique style and the warmth of the season.

Happy Holidays from Carole Lee Interiors!