If the light and airy look is what you’re aiming to achieve, a large open space makes it easy to obtain breezy. But if your home or room is smaller, you’ll need the following interior design tips to trick the eye:

Use lighter colors on the floor and ceiling. Light oak or a light-colored carpet can make a room appear more open. White ceilings “open up” the space overhead – be sure your ceiling is lighter than the walls.

Select a light design palette, as opposed to bright or dark. Cool colors (shades of blue, green, and purple) generally make a room look larger than warm shades (red, orange, and yellow). However, warm hues will work if they are very pale.

Go monochromatic for furniture, rugs, and walls. Match the wall color to your floor or carpet color to blend the edges of the room together and visually enlarge the space. Think whites, beiges, and neutrals. Select different shads and textures of your single color.

All-white doesn’t have to be boring or sterile. Mix and match finishes to keep it interesting. Try a blueish-white with a matte finish on the ceiling and a creamy ivory with satin finish on the walls. A white wall paint with a warm, pinkish cast keeps the space open while delivering a warm look. Finish tonal layering by giving doors, windows and trim a fresh coat of high-gloss white. Even just a touch of tint in a white paint can give you perceived spaciousness!

Lots and lots of lighting! Recessed spot lighting is ideal for small spaces. Skylights and solar tubes are also helpful, if you can install them.

For impact or statement pieces, use throw pillows and accessories, but keep them limited to avoid a cluttered feel.

Add one large piece of artwork for a statement piece. This is better in a small space than a group of small paintings. Just be sure the piece isn’t oversized for the area.

Glass or lucite keeps the appearance of an open and free space. Incorporate it as a dining table, end table, or coffee table. Or consider glass as your tile backsplash.

Visual balance is imperative – don’t overwhelm a tiny room with a large or too-bright or overly patterned element.

Metallics reflect and help rooms feel larger. Consider using a metallic paint color as an accent wall or use metallic accent pieces or furniture.

Add wall mirrors to increase the appearance of the size of the room. They reflect light and color for added ambiance.