Freshen Up for Spring

Following a long and lingering winter, the first few weeks of spring breathe fresh air into our outdoor surroundings. Concurrently, the beginning of spring is an ideal time for homeowners to step outside and attend to the exterior surfaces of their homes, outdoor living spaces, and gardens. Outdoor “spring cleaning” projects can unfold in various forms: essential home maintenance efforts, design updates and improvements, and garden makeovers.

Essential home maintenance tasks ensure that the exterior surfaces of your home remain safe, preserved, and functional. A spring checklist of items includes: examining the roof for missing or damaged shingles, cleaning the gutters, servicing the air-conditioning unit, cleaning the windows and their screens, and power washing the deck and patio surfaces. Exterior design updates, such as a fresh coat of facade paint, will also enliven your home’s curb appeal. This season, a few trending façade paint combinations include: slate grey/white/deep turquoise, and white putty/taupe/olive green. In addition, installing new rail planters, and lush greenery like ferns and vine covers will accentuate your garden.

The Benefits of Whole House Standby Generators

Standby generators are smart and effective pieces of equipment for homeowners to consider purchasing in order to avoid the effects and inconveniences of power outages.

What is a standby generator?

Standby generators are back up power sources that are permanently installed on a platform in your yard. Their size and build are comparable to a central air conditioning unit. Standby generators automatically detect an outage within the municipal power grid and subsequently provide seamless backup power to your home for an extended period of time.

How does as standby generator work?

Standby generators are equipped with two primary components: an automatic transfer switch (ATS), and generator. ATS technology identifies an outage in the municipal power grid, disconnects your home from the grid, and promptly connects the generator to your home’s electrical panel. The generator is powered by a local natural gas supply and will deliver high-quality power for an unlimited amount of time. Once the municipal power has been restored, ATS technology prompts the generator to disconnect and shutdown.

What are the positive attributes of standby generators? 

Standby generators protect the functionality of your home’s heating and cooling systems during a power outage. In addition, they allow vital home systems to operate during an outage to include sump pumps, well pumps, large appliances and security systems. Standby generators are ideal for families with small children or family members who rely on electricity to power medical devices, as well people who run a business out of their home.

Carole Lee Interiors provides comprehensive electrical services to include the installation of standby generators. At Carole Lee Interiors, we work with sophisticated contractors to help our client’s select a standby generator that is compatible with their home and ensure a seamless installation process.

Easy Outdoor Accents

When the warm weather hits we find ourselves spending more time entertaining and relaxing outdoors. One easy way to refresh your home’s exterior is to paint your front door. Don’t be afraid of paint. Painting is one of the easiest and most cost effective means to dramatically change the look of your home.

If you are not sure about your color, it is best to hire a professional color specialist or interior designer. Also, think classic and neutral. Classic color adds elegance and also can increase the value of your home for potential future buyers.

For added impact include decorative garden accents at the entrance of your home. Planters, lanterns, vases or bowls filled with flowers or plants look inviting and can improve the overall texture and appearance of your doorway and can be changed seasonally to keep a fresh look.

12 Steps For A ‘Light & Airy’ Feel

If the light and airy look is what you’re aiming to achieve, a large open space makes it easy to obtain breezy. But if your home or room is smaller, you’ll need the following interior design tips to trick the eye:

Use lighter colors on the floor and ceiling. Light oak or a light-colored carpet can make a room appear more open. White ceilings “open up” the space overhead – be sure your ceiling is lighter than the walls.

Select a light design palette, as opposed to bright or dark. Cool colors (shades of blue, green, and purple) generally make a room look larger than warm shades (red, orange, and yellow). However, warm hues will work if they are very pale.

Go monochromatic for furniture, rugs, and walls. Match the wall color to your floor or carpet color to blend the edges of the room together and visually enlarge the space. Think whites, beiges, and neutrals. Select different shads and textures of your single color.

All-white doesn’t have to be boring or sterile. Mix and match finishes to keep it interesting. Try a blueish-white with a matte finish on the ceiling and a creamy ivory with satin finish on the walls. A white wall paint with a warm, pinkish cast keeps the space open while delivering a warm look. Finish tonal layering by giving doors, windows and trim a fresh coat of high-gloss white. Even just a touch of tint in a white paint can give you perceived spaciousness!

Lots and lots of lighting! Recessed spot lighting is ideal for small spaces. Skylights and solar tubes are also helpful, if you can install them.

For impact or statement pieces, use throw pillows and accessories, but keep them limited to avoid a cluttered feel.

Add one large piece of artwork for a statement piece. This is better in a small space than a group of small paintings. Just be sure the piece isn’t oversized for the area.

Glass or lucite keeps the appearance of an open and free space. Incorporate it as a dining table, end table, or coffee table. Or consider glass as your tile backsplash.

Visual balance is imperative – don’t overwhelm a tiny room with a large or too-bright or overly patterned element.

Metallics reflect and help rooms feel larger. Consider using a metallic paint color as an accent wall or use metallic accent pieces or furniture.

Add wall mirrors to increase the appearance of the size of the room. They reflect light and color for added ambiance.

Pre-Lit Christmas Trees Add Enduring Sparkle To Holiday Decorating

This season, you can brighten your holiday with all the beauty of a real tree, but without the work and hassle of stringing the Christmas lights. Enjoy the timeless look of blue fir, spruce, or pine in your home with our premium, pre-lit Christmas trees.

Pre-lit replica Christmas trees are the first choice for holiday decorating at charity events all across the nation and the choice of celebrities – like Ellen DeGeneres, Leona Lewis, and Kirstie Allen – for their homes.

Easy to put up and decorate, the artificial trees are masterfully crafted for longevity with the finest, highest quality material for a stunningly realistic appearance.

The clear, commercial grade lights are professionally hand-strung on each branch to minimize the appearance of wires. If one bulb fizzles, the rest remain brilliant and lit.

No matter what height you require and whether you like your tree narrow, slim, full, flat back, or potted, we have the value and selection you desire!

Safe, energy-efficient, and worry-free, the ultra-lifelike branches and outstanding realism will fool guests and impress skeptics. The dense foliage even feels real!

A pre-lit Christmas tree is sure to illuminate your family’s long-lasting holiday tradition and become a brilliant centerpiece in your home. Call Carole Lee Interiors at (610) 459-4383 to order your pre-lit Christmas tree in time for the holiday!


Fall Decor Re-Design Ideas

A seasonal transition provides a fantastic excuse for updating your home decor with new furniture, fresh hues, interesting patterns, and comfy accessories! As the weather cools off, you’ll be spending increasingly more time indoors and will want your space to be as cozy as can be!

Throws & Pillows
Dress up sofas, chairs and bedrooms with plush throw pillows of all different shapes, sizes, and patterns for a warm and inviting presence. Throw blankets add texture and a subtle homey feel.

Layer Area Rugs
Layering area rugs adds color, texture, and interest to your room and keeps you warm during the chilly months.

Fireplace Focal Point
Your fireplace will be in good use during cool evenings, so invest in a mesmerizing or personally pleasing piece of art as a focal point or beautiful pieces for your mantle.

Window Coverings
Summer months call for bamboo shades or breezy curtains but the blustery days of winter require insulation. Consider heavier draperies with colors or patterns that add vibrancy to the space.

It’s time to dig out that heavy-duty down comforter and those thermal blankets if you want to save money on your heating bill! Investing in a new duvet is a quick, easy, and affordable way to change the look of your room.

Table Dressings
Add seasonal warmth to tables for fall appeal. Think outside the box – a vintage quilt, linen curtain panel, or other materials that can be utilized as one-of-a-kind tablecloths.

Arrangements & Wreaths

Make a beautiful fall focal point for your home using fiery red maple leaves, feathery foliage, and berries.

Outdoor Fireplace
Add an all-season outdoor living area complete with fireplace or fire pit. Include plenty of plush seating and a mantel for decorating.

Fall Furniture
Swap out a chair or re-upholster furniture for a fresh face with trendy patterns. This season, metallic leather treatment is a new trend in classic shapes and styles, as well as pleats in upholstery that lend a tailored, detailed look.

Light It Up
An easy way to change the ambiance of a room from light and airy to warm and cozy is by swapping out lighting. Select new table or floor lamps, add sconces, chandeliers, track lighting, and so on.

Statement Pieces
Unique and interesting furniture makes a bold statement about your individual style, tastes, and personality. We’re seeing dining rooms as a forum for large statement tables this season.

Carole Lee Interiors can design a new look for your home this season and custom order the furniture for a complete turnkey design experience. Order your custom furnishings now in time for the holiday!

Ideas For Porch & Patio

It’s the time of year to rethink how your outdoor area looks, feels, and functions. It’s easy to give an exterior space a major makeover just by adding a few creative changes. Here are some ideas that will make refreshing your outdoors as clear as the blue skies overhead.

Run For Cover!
No shade overhead? Choose a stylish umbrella that makes a big statement or make your own escape from the rays with a fabric canopy

Hues That Hollar
Colorful accents make a bold statement. Go for loud colors and modern prints with stripes or vibrant floral patterns. Achieve an inexpensive makeover just by reconsidering your cushions and throw pillows!

Outdoors is a room without walls, so you’ll need to create intimacy for gathering by strategically arranging tables, sofas, umbrellas, fire pits, and so on. We suggest creating a lounging area and a separate dining area.

Get Vertical!
If you’ve got fences or your patio juts up against the walls of your home, make use of their space! Hang planters, shelves, grilling tools, art, mirrors, a clock, and so on!

Lounge In LuxuryDay beds are becoming more popular and stylish for outdoors. Who wouldn’t what to spend an afternoon reading there

Easy Breezy
Ceiling Fans are a great way to add high style while providing a functional purpos

Beyond The Soil

No actual yard? No problem! Potted plants, hanging baskets, and window planters can provide all the greenery you need to make a luscious space, or add interest to patio decor.

Neat Seats

 Functional benches can double for outdoor storage, which is especially handy in small spaces.

Grow Up!

 A vine-laden trellis softens an otherwise uninteresting wall, creating a rich, warm environment. Get creative with the designs for added interest.

Mix and Match For an informal approach, mix up the chairs – choose different colors or an assortment of styles.

A Swinging Good Time Is there anything more relaxing than the slow, rhythmic swinging motion of a hammock, hanging chair, or swinging bench? This is summer at it’s best!

Light It Up

Cast a soft glow over your outdoor space with a string of lights, lanterns, or a candlelit chandelier that can be raised and lowered by a rope pulley rigged to a tree. (Restoration Hardware)

Bar Space
Design your outdoor world with a bar, a counter, some stools – create an easy way to pass food into the great outdoors through a window in your kitchen.

Bring It All Together With Fabric
The outdoors can truly begin to feel like a completed room with the use of fabric curtains to divide space and rugs to bring it all together in a homey way. Be sure your fabric is mold and water resistant.

Reframe Your World
Pergulas, arches, fencing, and overhead canopies can add extra seclusion, especially if you’re in a small or urban space.

A Painted World
Art can belong in the great outdoors. It certainly helps urban patios, decks, and balconies, and it can always try to compete with the beauty of creation!

Adding Designer Touches
Details really create the finishing touches on a room. Whether it’s lighting, mirrors, vases, candles, wall art, throw blankets or pillows, you’ll use the same rules of thumb decorating the exterior as the interior.

Tight budget?
Work with what you already own or shop thrift stores, flea markets, or garage sales for one-of-a-kind finds like quirky bird cages or antiques that can be refurbished for another use.

Trends in Roman Shade Window Treatments

When it comes to giving a room that finished look, we are all about the window treatments. Sometimes the space doesn’t allow for luscious, billowing drapes or the feel is all wrong for this style. Roman shades are a common window treatment for contained areas due to their compact design, ability to work with both masculine and feminine spaces, and a wide array of design aesthetics. While extremely functional, the style you select can totally alter the ambiance of a room.

Craft shades out of the same fabric as your sofa or other decorative elements. Trim the shade with a contrasting color for definition and sophistication. Sheer, gauzy roman shades minimize light’s intensity but preserve a beautiful view. Fabric with texture adds interest and bulk. Woven or grass shades filter light into the room for a natural feel. Embellish with details like fringed edges or bottoms. Or design with the written word using a stencil or freehand artwork.

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